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About Michelle

Michelle is a Neuroscientist, Phyto-chemist, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator. Integrating these spheres of knowledge and her experiences, she educates women worldwide on how to restore their health and re-align with their natural rhythms.


She supports women from menarche to menopause in reversing hormonal imbalances, monitoring and restoring their health, avoiding pregnancy without pharmaceutical birth control, optimising and supporting conception naturally and returning to the innate wisdom and power of their bodies. Her mission is to share the knowledge that will empower women to actively take control of their health and their fertility. She believes that with this, we can all cultivate a sustainable sense of well-being, regardless of our past or present circumstances.


Born and raised in Manchester, England, Michelle currently lives in Jerusalem, from where she runs her Holistic Reproductive Health practice and leads in-person and virtual courses, workshops and women's circles.

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