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My Approach

As a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, I value a functionally-oriented approach in addressing and treating hormone imbalance. My goal is to promote sustainable healing – for which, proper diagnosis is essential. I work in partnership with my clients to identify and support the root cause of their symptoms rather than taking a superficial route that, although may provide temporary relief, risks concealing an underlying dysfunction. I encourage all of my clients to view their menstrual cycles as a vital sign – a biomarker relaying real-time information about their health, fertility and life circumstances every single month. And with guidance, to chart their cycles and symptoms accordingly, so that together we can reach a more informed understanding of their symptoms and restore their best health. My treatment approach typically encompasses an integration of lifestyle changes, nutrition and herbs, in addition to education – which I view as the cornerstone of preserving health. I deeply believe that this modality, in contrast to the passive, linear way of Western medicine, advocates for the woman to become actively engaged in her own healing journey, taking control of her health and her fertility.

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