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Sovereign Cycles 1.0

A three-week group series designed for you to master the Art of Fertility Awareness and step into Reproductive Health Sovereignty.


SUNDAYS MAY 15 - 29, 2022 | 12:30-2:30 PM EST | 7:30-9:30 PM IDT

A pill designed to shut down your entire hormonal matrix is not liberating. It’s harming you, sister.


What if your method of birth control was actually safeguarding your hormonal health instead of sabotaging it?

What if it was a gateway out of the pharmaceutical industry instead of into it?

What if it brought you closer to the wisdom of your body instead of distancing you from it?

Sovereign Cycles 1.0

is a three-week group series designed for women who are ready to step into reproductive health sovereignty.

Through educational live classes, 1:1 support and downloadable resources, you will build confidence in applying fertility awareness to navigate your fertility choices naturally and confidently, whilst learning how to understand your cycle as a barometer of fertility, health and wellness.


 If you...


  • Question the concept of pharmaceutical birth control

  • Want to come off pharmaceutical birth control but are terrified of getting pregnant

  • Are preparing for conscious conception or are navigating conception with irregular cycles

  • Want to child space effectively without compromising your precious hormonal matrix

  • Experience hormonal imbalances such as PMS, PMDD, irregular cycles, PCOS and hormonal migraines and crave real, sustainable solutions

  • Want clarity on what’s actually happening in your body every month

  • Are ready to step into the sovereign woman your family and the world need you to be

  • Know in your heart that there’s another way forward


 ...this course is for you!


Through healing my own hormonal imbalances and cycle challenges, I have come to understand that finding real solutions to our health and fertility challenges, and reclaiming reproductive health sovereignty, requires a deep understanding of how our menstrual cycles and reproductive health actually work.

And that with the tools to relate to your cycle from a place of appreciation and deep understanding, everything begins to shift.

During Sovereign Cycles 1.0 we will explore the underlying bio-mechanisms of the menstrual cycle and female reproductive physiology. We will learn how to apply this knowledge to navigate our reproductive choices with confidence and ease and discuss how to harness this to take radical responsibility for our health.

And because I know that your time is precious, we will cover all of this in just three weeks. After which, you will receive access to six months of unlimited 1:1 messenger support from Michelle whilst you integrate the course material and put it into practice.

This is more than just another course. It's an opportunity to transform your relationship with your body and fully embrace your feminine power.


"I came to this course to learn more about managing my fertility without the pill. I left with a whole new appreciation of how my body actually works and how glorious it is to be a woman. Thank you so much!"

- Rachel A

I'm in awe at how much I learned from this short course, particularly about how I can live in harmony with my cycle and maintain a sense of balance."

- Shira S.

 You'll cultivate the skills to...

  • Chart your body’s fertile signs with confidence

  • Identify with certainty when you are fertile and when you are not

  • Prevent pregnancy with ease and confidence without pharmaceutical birth control

  • Manage your fertile window safely and effectively

  • Time intercourse to optimise conception

  • Use your menstrual cycle to gauge your hormonal health

  • Align with your cycle to manage stress, avoid burnout and actualise your goals and desires with greater clarity, efficiency and ease.


...and more!

You'll gain access to...

  • Three weeks of live classes, each class will last two hours (full class recordings will be available after each class).

  • Six months of 1:1 support from Michelle via email or Whatsapp as you integrate the course material and put it into practice. This includes guidance as you learn to navigate your charts, pinpoint ovulation, identify your fertile window and understand signs of hormonal imbalance.

  • A 40 page E-book containing all that you need to know about using the Fertility Awareness Method effectively to manage your fertility, as well as charts, tips and other useful resources.

  •  Lifetime access to all course content.

Investment: 895 ₪ / $ 285


Reap the benefits for life!


*Limit Spots Available*

Thank you so much for all of your work, Michelle. I am so grateful to have found a practice that, as you so beautifully put it, supports a dialogue for absolutely everything."

- Abi M

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Course Schedule

Week One


  • FAM: introduction & applications

  • Female reproductive anatomy & physiology

  • The menstrual cycle: biomechanics and energetics

  • Transitioning off pharmaceutical birth control

Week Two


Understanding and charting your primary signs of fertility:

  • Cervical mucus

  • Basal body temperature (BBT)

  •  Cervical position

Week Three


  • Identifying with certainty when you are fertile

  • Preventing pregnancy with confidence and ease

  • Managing your fertile window effectively

  • Rules for postpartum and irregular cycles 

  • Optimising conception

  • Identifying symptoms of hormone imbalance

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